Welcome to my website. My name is Paul Schultz and in my physiotherapy practice in the Netherlands I have been treating people with mindfulness for 30 years. With this, both physical and stress complaints can be treated.

Mindfulness is about the interaction between your body, emotions and thinking. You learn to relax your body optimally. This brings your emotions and thinking into harmony.

There are exercises aimed at the breath, on all contact surfaces (the heaviness exercise), on muscle relaxation, on pain and on movements.

Emotions always express themselves in your body. These are mapped during the exercise the body scan.

To train your thinking, there are three exercises. One exercise aimed at improving your focus, for your concentration and memory. The second exercise is aimed at resolving stress. And in the third exercise you learn to sleep better.

In chapter THEORY the exercises are further explained.


Just like in science, you can measure what the exercises do to your body.
I measure heart rate, breathing, muscle tone and nervous system.
This way you can demonstrate the effect of the exercises.

The exercises are in the online course.


The online course consists of:
1 Recorded exercises.
2 Specific information per exercise.
3 A workbook in which you can keep track of experiences and new insights.
4 A stress test. This allows the psychological condition before and after the (online) therapy to be measured.
5. Various schedules.

The cost of the online course is 25€, to be ordered via the WEBSHOP.

This video is about stress.



Deze video gaat over pijn.

Deze video gaat over biofeedback.






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