Stress in daily life is caused by problems in relationships, work, environment, etc. 
It causes physical and mental complaints that you have no control over.

Stress causes your muscles to cramp. Your nervous system becomes overactive, which can cause you to suffer from palpitations, hyperventilation or gastrointestinal disorders.

Stress leads to different emotions: anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc.
During the body scan, these emotions are always felt in the body: a bond feeling around your head or chest, a plug in your throat, knot in your stomach or your whole body feels tense or tired.
The emotions and body feelings are linked to each other. The more anxious you are, the bigger the knot in your stomach.



Stress leads to six negative thought patterns:

Your attention is low - for example, you miss entire parts of a conversation, study or film.
You can avoid situations - e.g. shops or crowds.
You can block – your thoughts and emotionally.
You may lack certain skills – for example, you are impatient.
You can behave in the wrong way - you can flee, fight or freeze.
You can get a negative self-image.



Through the exercises you bring your body, emotions and thinking into harmony.


Your muscles relax. Your nervous system comes into harmony, reducing or disappearing palpitations, hyperventilation or gastrointestinal disorders.




Because of the physical relaxation, the knot in your stomach, band feeling head etc become smaller and eventually disappear. The associated emotions become positive.

Because of the positive emotions, the thought patterns also become positive:

From low attention to high attention - you live more in the present and more intensely.
From avoidance to acceptance – it's better to resign yourself to situations that you can't do anything about.
From blocking to letting go – it's better to distance yourself.
From lack of skills to the right skills – e.g. patience.
You get a positive self-image.
From negative to positive behavior – you develop positive behavior in daily life.

You can deal better with conflicts, loneliness, financial problems and you look forward to your future positively.



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