In this astronaut, his heart breath muscles, brain activity and nervous system were measured by a biofeedback device called the Nexus.
They are the same bodily functions that affect you with mindfulness.

After all, it does not matter whether you measure the influence of weightlessness on your body or the influence of the exercises.


I use the same Nexus device in my practice.
You can measure many bodily functions, but I limit myself to the heart, breath and nervous system.


When someone is in balance, breathing proceeds in a nice even wave.
On the inhalation, the heart rate is faster and on the exhalation, the heart rate is slower.
So you get two identical perfect waves. 

You can measure the evenness of the wave. This value is called heart coherence.
If the wave is uniform, the heart coherence is 100.
If the wave is completely out of balance, the heart coherence is 0.

The heart coherence indicates the functioning of the nervous system. In this example, the functioning of the nervous system is high: 92.
You can also say that your battery is then 92% charged. This person was very energetic and in harmony.

With this person, the battery was only 15% charged. This man was therefore in a severe burnout.

You can also measure the effect of different exercises.
In the first exercise, the breath and heart rate were irregular and the nervous system functioned less well (69%).
In the second exercise, the breath and heart rate were more regular and the nervous system functioned very well (95%).



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